Man Power


All our clinics are run by experienced Medical Officers and are registered with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC). Administration of clinics is run by our trained staff ranging from the registration, data input to billing of patients. This allows our doctors to focus solely on patient care. Adhering strictly to our Company's Medical Officer code of conduct by practicing the "4-Cs", i.e. Clinical Competence, Patient Care, Courtesy and Good Communication.


Our main staff consists of State Registered Nurse (SRN) and nursing aides who provide services directly to our patients and assist our Medical Officers professionally.

Our training unit conducts regular training to all our resident staff to ensure their competence in all clinical operation aspects from providing nursing aide to dispensing of medication and also administrative work. Our staff abide by the code of "TRUST" which mean their aim is to provide complete medical assistance including follow-up services such as sending out reminders and offering suggestions.


Our support staff at our headquarters provide ancillaryservices to our clients. Other than assisting our clinic staff, they also provide training for clients, medical related consultations, coordinate on-site programs, provide customer service other things.

These Clinic support includes medication and disposable item supply to all our clinics and also provides training to upgrade our staff to the highest professional level. We also train to our billing staff to ensure production of accurate and reliable invoices and customers feedback are looked into plus many other functions.

The department at the headquarters are divided into clinic operation, accounts, admin, human resource, inventory, maintenance, IT and customer service. These departments plan and coordinate the operation of the company services.

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