MediNET : Leveraging the Power of IT

To deliver quality medical service, speedy and accurate access to medical information or record is paramount. A compromise in any one of these two components will lead to inevitable disaster.

Consequently, we have designed, built and refined our information systems architecture (hardware and software) around the requirement that all relevant medical information is made available accurately and with no perceptible delay, regardless of the location of the branch.

KPP demands this not only at the doctor-to-patient level (micro level) but also at the organization-toorganization
level (macro level). KPP has adopt MediNET, an application service provider (ASP) that serves the healthcare community intergrate their business process into a body of practice that transcends role and industry

Corporate clients will also benefit from advanced web-base implementation, which allows real time, online access to billing, medical leave and employee medical records. Corporate administrators now need only to deal with one source even if their own operations cover a wide geographical area.

Our very own internal IT Department was created to make all this possible so that you can focus your resources on your own core competencies without having to deal with yet another administrative time-waster.

At KPP, we believe that comprehensive healthcare does not stop at curing the sick. It must also facilitate those who deal with us. Comprehensive healthcare includes reducing the burden of our client's administrative tasks.

Our objective is to make dealing with us a pleasant and efficient experience.

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